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Mold Mitigation Services

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Choosing a restoration company is more than just picking someone to “clean up” after a loss.

Phoenix Restoration: Mold

When it comes to mold, there is a lot of misinformation out there. It is easy to overreact. Not all mold is bad, and mold is common, it’s everywhere. While mold can certainly cause serious health issues, not all molds do. Mold produces allergens and some people will be allergic to those allergens, but not all people. Everyone will react differently to different types of mold.


One of the most common misconceptions is that bleach kills mold. This is basically a half truth. As stated before, there are several different types of molds, and while bleach can kill certain types of molds, it doesn’t kill all molds. Bleach is corrosive and can do more damage than good. Not to mention it carries its own health risks, and is not approved by the EPA or OSHA. Therefore, it is important that you have a trained, certified firm handle these instances.

Don't Become a Victim to Mold

Phoenix Restoration invests in the most current technology to offer a wide range of testing options.

At Phoenix Restoration, we have Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisors who are fully educated in microbial contamination and the most effective ways to remediate it. This means any questions or concerns you have about mold; our supervisors can give you balanced, well referenced answers. These answers will allow you to make a smart and calm decision on the ideal way to remove the mold.


Working with industrial hygienist to first identify the different types of mold present, if they are at safe levels or not, and then to create an effective protocol to remove the mold and treat the affected areas. This includes surfaces and the indoor air itself. Once we have removed the mold and cleaned the area, industrial hygienist will then retest the areas to make sure we have succeeded and issue a clearance letter for your piece of mind.



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