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Catastrophe Services

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Choosing a restoration company is more than just picking someone to “clean up” after a loss.

Catastrophe Services:

Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wild fires, or torrential down pours, catastrophic events happen all over the U.S., and Phoenix Catastrophe Services is on stand-by 24/7/365. With our highly trained, IICRC certified technicians, our large inventory of owned equipment; our emergency response teams are ready to respond. We can help you recover from your loss quickly, effectively and correctly.


Phoenix Catastrophe Services is ready to mobilize personnel and equipment at a moment’s notice. With our experience in handling large losses nationwide, we have dedicated teams and equipment to handle catastrophic events. While most struggle with logistics involved in handling such large events, we have planned ahead of time, around the clock, so that we are ready when the unfortunate happens. From dumpsters, portable toilets, hand wash stations, temporary fencing, temporary lighting, temporary power, generators, trailer mounted desiccant units for large buildings, all the way to security, we have you covered.

We Have A Team of Professionals On Standby

If Catastrophe Strikes, We Have Your Back

Our highly trained project managers have years of experience in working large losses. Working hand and hand with risk managers, consultants and insurance adjusters to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The most important thing to us, is to get your job done in the quickest, most efficient way, at the highest quality work, so you can get back to business.


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